What is Momentum?

Momentum is a UK-wide movement which emerged from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party leadership campaign. It aims to:

  • Organise in every town, city and village to create a mass movement for real progressive change.
  • Make Labour a more democratic party, with the policies and collective will to implement them in government.
  • Bring together individuals and groups in our communities and workplaces to campaign and organise on the issues that matter to us.

Where does Edinburgh come in?

The aim to “organise in every town, city and village” means setting up local groups to coordinate local activities, connect the nationwide movement to local struggles, and connect local struggles to a nationwide movement. Momentum Edinburgh was set up by a group of local activists on the left of the Labour Party who have been involved in supporting various local and national campaigns: the Living Rent campaign, the campaign for fair pay for staff at the National Museum, the Edinburgh University Fossil Free campaign, and many more.

What does Momentum Edinburgh do? 

It’s still early days, but once we have proper democratic structures in place we will be able to work out how best to engage with local and national struggles. In general, we hope Momentum Edinburgh can become a hub for supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and those who share the values on which he was elected: solidarity, democracy and equality. Through Momentum Edinburgh people will be able to share information about the issues and campaigns that affect them, exchange knowledge and skills, coordinate activities and fight austerity and injustice.

How can I get involved?

Like us on Facebook

Email Momentum Edinburgh: momentumedinburgh [at] gmail [dot] com

Sign up with Momentum

Email the UK-wide movement: peoplesmomentumuk [at] gmail [dot] com

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  1. Any news on the leadership contest and the NEC meeting which has disenfranchised thousands of Labour members? The new rule on eligibility to vote is surely retrospective, since it disqualifies people who took out their membership before the rule was introduced? Retrospective limits on eligibility to vote? That is out of order! Time limits must be set in advance, not retrospectively. This is an outrageous stratagem to disqualify bona fide members of the Party.

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