This Week in Edinburgh – 28/03/16


Every week, we’ll try to keep you updated with local events – public meetings, strikes, occupations, marches, protests, elections and so on. We might also throw in some cultural goings-on, too. If you know of an event that we’ve missed out, please let us know: momentumedinburgh [at] gmail [dot] com

We have a general meeting on Wednesday, don’t miss out!


Another Europe is Possible – Edinburgh launch

Chrystal MacMillan 17.00 – 18.00

Launch of the Edinburgh Another Europe is possible campaign. Speakers and students discuss why to vote YES/IN in the EU referendum on the 23rd of June and how we can make solid progress in transforming Europe. If possible after the event we will collect emails and names for a mailing list (totally up to your consent) so as to organise events on campus in the future. Come along for a fluid and semi-structured space, for both speeches from speakers, questions and hopefully a stimulating discussion!

Scottish Parliament debate (housing and welfare)

Teviot Debating Hall 18.00 – 19.30

Hear from candidates from parties including Conservatives, Greens, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Rise, and SNP on the subjects of housing and welfare. Candidates include:

SNP – Toni Giugliano
Conservative – Jeremy Balfour
Green – Alison Johnstone
Labour – Sarah Boyack
Lib Dem – Alex Cole-Hamilton
RISE – Natalie Reid



Momentum Edinburgh Meeting #4

19.30 – 21.00 LG09 David Hume Tower Hub

Momentum is the UK-wide movement which emerged from Jeremy Corbyn’s successful campaign for leader of the Labour Party. It exists to support the ideas and values on which Corbyn was elected both within and outside Labour, connecting the party to trade unions, social movements and community campaigns.

Momentum Edinburgh is a hub for local supporters to get together, share experience and ideas, and coordinate our efforts to build peace, democracy and socialism.

This is our fourth meeting, where we will hear reports from the working groups, discuss politics and some campaign ideas, and hopefully have more of a social atmosphere as well. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please email momentumedinburgh [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please feel free to invite people and share the event widely! We look forward to seeing you there!


16.00 – 17.30 Old College
Rojava is a de facto autonomous region in northern Syria that established its autonomy in 2013 creating a society based on democratic federalism, gender equality and sustainability.

After being asked by the organisation Peace in Kurdistan to host an event to educate the Edinburgh Community on Rojava and the purpose behind their movement, we are working with various other groups and activists to put together an engaging discussion!

Teviot Debating Hall 18.00 – 20.00
We’re proposing some changes that should hopefully really help students affected by sexual harrassment and assault, and that should make it clear to the university that students want tackling these issues to be a priority. It’s also a great chance to see how EUSA democracy works in action if you haven’t been to Student Council before!


Screening of the Happy Lands

Edinburgh Northern Arts Centre 19.00

It’s the General Strike 1926 – only seven years after the slaughter of the trenches, miners unions lead the country against savage austerity cuts handed to the nation by a Liberal-Conservative government.

Inspired by true stories from local families in Fife, the Happy Lands follows the journey of law-abiding citizens who become law-breakers in a heroic battle against the state. It’s never a good time to stand up for your rights – but it’s always the right time.

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