This Week in Edinburgh – 21/03/16


Every week, we’ll try to keep you updated with local events – public meetings, strikes, occupations, marches, protests, elections and so on. We might also throw in some cultural goings-on, too. If you know of an event that we’ve missed out, please let us know: momentumedinburgh [at] gmail [dot] com



15.00-16.00 Scotland Office

Lord Apetsi, is a Postgrad student at Strathclyde University, the newly elected NUS Scotland Asylum Seeker & Refugee officer, and a single father.

Ten days ago, as Lord went to the Home Office in Glasgow for his monthly signing in, Lord was detained. Lord would usually have kept this appointment with his three year old son while en route to nursery, on this occasion he did not after being seriously injured in an accident a few days before.

NUS Scotland is calling this emergency demonstration on Monday afternoon, to protest this disgusting action, and to call for Lord to be returned to Glasgow.

Scottish Parliament debate (education and funding)

18.00-19.30 Teviot Debating Hall

Hear from candidates from parties including Conservatives, Greens, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Rise, and SNP on the subjects of education and funding. The candidates are:
SNP – Alison Dickie
Conservative – Miles Briggs
Green – Andy Wightman
Labour – Daniel Johnson
Lib Dem – Martin Veart
RISE – Calum Martin

Better than Zero organising meeting


We are standing up to Scotland’s Bad Bosses and demanding an end to the culture of Zero Hours, Zero Rights and Zero Respect.

Invite anyone who is interested in taking part in our activity, or finding out more about the campaing, along to the next organising meeting.


19.00 Brass Monkey

How do people experience a financial meltdown?

Rejkyavik Rising shows the Icelandic people’s response, the “Pots and Pans Revolution”. Little reported in the UK press, Icelanders of all stripes got to grips with their money system, because they had to.

Positive Money campaigns for monetary reform now, before we reach the next financial crash. Reforming banking isn’t an economic technicality. It matters to everyone. The Icelandic experience shows why.


National Student Demo & Rally

King Stables Road 11.30

The 23rd of March is the last day of Parliament before MSPs break up for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections. NUS Scotland has called a national student demonstration & rally on this day at Holyrood, so that when MSPs start campaigning for re-election, they do it fully aware of how they can make further and higher education fairer, more accessible and more equitable. Join us, and make sure the voices of Scotland’s students are #ShapingScotlandsFuture

The EU and European leftism

Teviot Row House 18.00-20.00

With a short introduction from one of our members, we’ll be discussing the European Union, the left in Europe and the up-coming referendum on Britain’s membership.
All welcome, we’ll be at Teviot Row House in New Amphion from six.




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