This Week in Edinburgh – 30/11/15

Every week, we’ll try to keep you updated with local events – public meetings, strikes, occupations, marches, protests, elections and so on. We might also throw in some cultural goings-on, too. If you know of an event that we’ve missed out, please let us know: momentumedinburgh [at] gmail [dot] com

MONDAY 30/11/15

18.00 Teviot Study room
Does this raise alarm bells in your head? Find out more and tell us what you think at EUSA’s consultation event – all students welcome!

TUESDAY 1/11/15

Edinburgh Student Left Forum meeting and social

Join us for the last meeting of the semester!
We will be in room LG.08 in the David Hume underground, and our meeting will be followed by our social event, a film screening of Pride. Bring drinks, snacks and comrades!

Meeting: 6-8pm
Social: 8-10pm


Teviot New Amphion 12.00-13.00
We believe that the ability to come to university and the amount of debt you leave with should not be determined by your background. If you do too then help us protect maintenance grants.

THURSDAY 3/12/15

December Student Council & Democracy Consultation

18.00 Teviot Debating Hall

This is the main opportunity for reps and students to contribute in depth to the review of our representative structures, student council, and sabbatical roles. This is open to ALL students, but reps are particularly encouraged to attend.

The last Student Council of the semester!

FILM SHOWING: Concerning violence

19.99 Augustine United Church

The ‘Edinburgh Revolutionary Communist Group – Fight Racism Fight Imperialism’ is organising a screening of the documentary ‘Concerning violence’ (2014) a stunning, thought-provoking documentary on the decolonisation of Africa based on the writings of the Algerian revolutionary Frantz Fanon and narrated by Lauryn Hill. A film which demands to be heard, it “suggests that the lesson has yet to be learned, and it’s only a matter of time until history repeats itself again, and action is taken.” The ‘refugee crisis’ is a crisis of imperialism—this is a call to tear down this rotten system once and for all.

FRIDAY 4/12/15

Momentum Edinburgh Meeting #2


Augustine United Church – Studio Room – 19.00-20.40

Momentum is the UK-wide movement which emerged from Jeremy Corbyn’s successful campaign for leader of the Labour Party. It exists to support the ideas and values on which Corbyn was elected both within and outside Labour, connecting the party to trade unions, social movements and community campaigns.

Momentum Edinburgh is a hub for local supporters to get together, share experience and ideas, and coordinate our efforts to build peace, democracy and socialism.

This is our second meeting, where we will discuss the Democracy Working Group’s proposals for a sustainable, democratic and engaging decision-making structure so that we can coordinate our activities as effectively as possible. Details of these proposals will be circulated before the meeting, along with an agenda.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!



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