This Week in Edinburgh – 15/02/16


Every week, we’ll try to keep you updated with local events – public meetings, strikes, occupations, marches, protests, elections and so on. We might also throw in some cultural goings-on, too. If you know of an event that we’ve missed out, please let us know: momentumedinburgh [at] gmail [dot] com


EqualBITE Writing Workshop

LG10 David Hume Tower

We are creating a ‘recipe book’ which aims to share practical and effective strategies for creating more gender balanced working environments in higher education. The recipes will be written by The University of Edinburgh staff and students, drawing from their real life experiences.


Who owns Scotland? Who owns Edinburgh? Why Land Reform matters

19.00-21.00 South Bridge Resource Centre

Free public seminar
Speaker: Andy Wightman
Everybody welcome! No need to book, just turn up.
If you have any specific requirements, let us know in advance.
For further infomation contact 0131 558 3545.


GenderJam: Gender Inequality in Higher Education

Crystal Macmillan Building

Join us for a half-day conference exploring gender inequality in Higher Education as part of Innovative Learning Week 2016!

Everything I Bought and How It Made Me Feel: Edinburgh

Appleton Tower 18.15-21.15

Harry’s got a problem. Maybe you do too. He keeps buying things to feel better, but they just make him more miserable. So he started keeping a diary…


2016 Edinburgh Iranian Film Festival

Running Friday until Monday – Film House Lothian Road

Following on from the success of its 2015 edition, the Edinburgh Iranian Festival presents a set of five new feature films, centring on the themes of masculinity, alienation and the family.


Presentation of the miners conflict in Spain

Black Medicine Coffee 18.30

Socrates Fernandez will present on the ongoing conflict, and the fight of the miners. We will also be hearing from special guests, testifying on their experiences of mining and trade unions within Scotland.

SYL Political Day 2016

10.00-16.00 Lecture Theatre 183 Old College

We will be have a workshop from Lesley Brennan MSP on the 101 of Economics and why we should oppose austerity as well as 3 more ran by members of SYL on:

How we approach liberation politics. Strategy, tactics and labour movement organisation. What the Labour Party is and what it’s for.


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